miss ya SO much...

max, may 2008

just dropped the little one off at the groomers. poor thing. max used to be our gauge as to when they would get groomed. if he was a hairy mess then it was time to get him shaved down and for sparky to get spruced up. so I went. and it was hard. as soon as I opened the door and saw her, she knew and she began to cry. our groomer is amazing and she was the only one who had max at such a trust and comfort level that she could trim his nails. in the beginning he ran for the door, but these last few years he ran to her. it was a beautiful transformation and you could tell by her face today that it was a special bond.

you think I would have known as the last couple of days I have been a bit discombobulated. crying for no reason or all reasons. snapping peoples heads off left, right and center. losing my patience in traffic and at the store. not like me and NO it is not PMS. I checked! I miss him like crazy and have started saying "I'm getting a puppy!" of course I don't mean today or tomorrow or even in the next week or month or possibly year, but I am getting one. I decided all by myself without asking anyone. it is that important to me and my well being.

in the past week or so I have yelled "max, where the hell are you?" each time I drop a bit of food on the floor. he was our hoover. I have been spending more time outside as we finally have warmer weather and I have noticed a different type of atmosphere. no barking, no running around and through anything in his way and most important no pup sunning himself on the deck. I remember him coming in the house after being out in the sunshine and his fur being so warm. I would nuzzle up to him and soak in the sunshine.

love ya buddy!

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Gawdess said...

he was definitely a very special character and a very memorable one!
hugs and love