and the wrecking continues...

wreck this journal in the shower

not too much wrecking going on this week. crazy week that started out with mom returning from her overnight trip home. she was a rock star! dad loved having her home and we loved seeing them both smile.

wrap something with this page

monday was spent at a different hospital because he woke up, stretched and went into a-fib. super! spent the whole day waiting while test after test was done. while we waited for the test results we both became quite agitated at the doctor who seemed to be eating way too many tim bits! IN FRONT OF US! whadya think we had after we left the hospital?
trace the things in your bag or pocket 

tuesday back at the hospital so that he could have a holter attached to him for 24 hours. I worked him like a dog. nothing made that thing ding. NOTHING! went for my weekly shot afterwards.  yay!
cover this page with white things

wednesday back to the hospital to return the holter and then off to have me tossed around by a prince.
scribble wildy using only borrowed pens and document where they are borrowed from

and so here we are at the end of a crazy busy week.  I pretty much wrecked on the fly and where ever I was I had my journal with me and did some wrecking.  out of town for some up time!

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Jean said...

Nice work! Especially after spending time at the hospital. Good thoughts to your dad!

Love your borrowed pen scribbles!