a couple of artists I admire (elise & kal) are doing a one week art challenge. a different phrase will be posted every day this week and then each one of them will interpret it through art in their own style. they have invited everyone to play along if they would like and so here I go with monday's - dizzy and green:

this is my take on it and I was also inspired by dan's girl who rode up on a scooter. seriously?

I used claudine hellmuth studio product line which is like butter! great coverage & dries quick & you can extend it with glazing fluid if you need to. I also like the fact that I can mix more colors with her fantastic color mixing video!

so there ya have it - three amazing artists and one beautiful girl on a scooter inspired me to get a little messy on a sunday night!



Anonymous said...

Great picture! I'm glad you are participating in the week. We are heading to disney world on Wednesday and i'm a single mom until then, when we meet up with daddy, so i decided to not add the stress but I wanted to join in.

I love the new blog format too. Hope things are picking up for you.

Gawdess said...

this is adorable, I really like it!

Raeh said...

did you do that!

LOVE it =)
I'm likin' the blog change as well!