365 tuesday

this image is from the wall in the hospital where mom goes twice a week for her rehabilitation. it seemed to me a reminder of how we need to find strength to keep on going. I was going to crop the light out of the image, but then thought it was kind of like a symbol of the light at the end of the tunnel.

today was a long day for all of us. first MRI and then to the hospital. mom seems to be getting a bit punchy which could mean that a little bit of herself is coming back. she never took shit from anyone at one time. she told my dad and I to just wait until she got better and then we were in trouble - BRING IT! 

we went for lunch where I always let them pick and even let them order for me. it seems like it is always about saving a penny here and saving a penny there. I never noticed how impatient they both are. it's not like they have anywhere to go! waiting for a red light, waiting to be seated in a restaurant, waiting for a meal. it all seemed like too much waiting for them. I always figure there is a reason why I am having to wait. I have no where to go and so go ahead all you impatient people!

after lunch the headache started. probably something I ate or just everything catching up to me. then I came home and poor sparky had an accident while I was gone. I felt awful for him and he felt awful. I could just tell. I spic and spanned (remember spic and span?) and then gave him a bath. I decided he could use a good pamper. hell, I could use a good pamper. anyone wanna give me a bath? HA!

this is as close as he would allow me to be with the camera:

all fluffy and a new bandana to boot!

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Laurie said...

headache gone yet? Get out those coffee beans like the perfume departments do..worked for me yesterday!