365 - day one

every wednesday I cross this bridge with my peeps. yesterday I thought about how crossing a bridge is a means to get to the other side. I kinda feel like that right now except that I am stuck in the middle of the bridge. working on getting to the other side.

365 - day two

ma and pa right before we enter the room where they have a program that mom may be able to attend after she is finished her rehabilitation at the vestibular clinic. I have been spending a lot of time with them lately. a lot of time! did I mention? today I noticed that she seemed more alert. she was smiling brighter and she did really well with the therapist today. dad looked tired. 

and just because...

we chatted today about how important going for a walk is. he kinda gave me that look that said "I ain't buying what your selling". aaahhh sparky....we are both missing our buddy alot. only for different reasons!

I am loving that I "have to" take a picture each day.  this is going to be fun and challenging! 

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Raeh said...

Hey girl! Fantastic challenge - I hope that its ridiculously enjoyable for you!