puppy tales...

aka "the adventures of sparky"

this is my 365 for friday. this poor dog is REALLY trying hard to bond with me. unfortunately the walk thing just ain't working for us. he has short little legs. well, yes so do I, but his ass is bigger I am sure of that! so we head out for a walk and first issue is the puddle we encounter. "no way am I getting these white sparkling paws dirty and wet!" the one thing that got him a bit excited was as we turned the corner and he could make out our fence. "home is near, let's boogie" he seemed to say and boogie home he did. the rest of the time I pretty much walked ahead of him. at one point I took his leash off and just let him follow me. so different from max.

I took him with me in the car on friday:

and today again he hopped in for a drive. only today I took him to g & e pharmacy aka home of all things animals and yes gift wrap, too! if ya live here ya know what I am talking about. anyway why not overwhelm the dog with a whole bunch of things I say. it is a whole new world for him. he was poking around smelling things, saying hi to strangers and letting them pet him and when he was met face to face with a boxer he lunged. yes, same dog who will not walk a block will dive for the first available dog. the boxer lucky for me was dragged down another aisle and every time they saw sparky they turned another way. I had to laugh thinking that sparky was SCARY! too funny!

what is really interesting is the minute we get home his tail is just wagging and it is like he wants to tell everybody he sees about his adventure.   unfortunately nine times out of ten no one is home to greet us and so he just looks at me and sighs.

I have lost him twice in the last week.  and that is just in the house.  he is SO quiet and wanders and then just plops himself down wherever he is.

so we are still getting to know each other and working out the kinks.  it amazes me at how much max did for him.  like making sure the food bowl was full, water and getting in and out of the house by barking.  sparky just looks at you and that could either mean food, water, outside or hey ma - time for bed?

how about you any tales to tell? 

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Gawdess said...

oh! he is cute! such good shots