365 sunday

"almost 18"

we gathered the families for easter dinner over at my cousin's house.  it was wonderful getting together, sharing food and sharing stories and sharing laughter.

this beautiful girl "sonia" will be 18 soon.  it blows my mind that she has grown up SO fast.  such a confident, funny and joyful young woman.  I love young girls who "get it".  it is so not about the clothes you wear or the make up.  real beauty shines from within.  

and the wee ones who were SO entertaining:

christopher - the youngest

anthony - big brother

anthony's idea of hide and seek was to follow me around with a blanket covering his head and say "zia, find me!"  SO cute!

mom was a rock star!  she was visiting with everyone and started doing her old clean up the place routine that we all remember.  she was pouring drinks in the air "a la tom cruise in cocktail" and balancing cheesecake on  a knife.  oh yes, "mamma mia" as she always says had a lot of fun and laughed a lot too.  

happy monday!

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