365 thursday

presenting "the blue chair"

one morning on our way to the hospital for mom's rehab I saw this blue chair sticking out of the snowbank.  "dad, stop!" I said.  "look!"  he said "I am not going to stop and pick up that blue chair!  I can make you a new one."  I said "dad I want that one and if it is still there on the way home we are picking it up!"  and as you can see he picked it up.  it only had three legs.  he wasn't happy about that, but I knew it was a great thing.

it was a great thing because it was something for him to do and keep his mind occupied instead of worrying about mom.  he has looked very tired lately and I am worried about him.  he is giving 100% and going all out to make sure mom has everything she needs.  we should all be so lucky to have such an amazing husband.  they will celebrate 49 years together in a couple of weeks and it is wonderful seeing them still so in love with each other.

and so the blue chair.  it was ready today for me to take home.  I told dad "look how wonderful it turned out!"  "aren't you happy you did it for me?"  he smiled that beautiful smile of his.  "yes" he said and then he proceeded as always to tell me all the steps it took to bring the chair back to life.  I love those conversations.

I now have an amazing treasure that may have ended up in the dump.  I truly believe that chair was there for a reason.  and I am thankful for it being there.

what treasures do you have that may have otherwise ended up tossed aside?


Gawdess said...

I LOVE the blue chair, I love the provenance of it - I love hearing about making your Dad happy.

That blue looks almost exactly the colour I am envisioning for my studio - how cool is that?

No, this is not a ploy to relieve you of your blue chair - btw I like the shot you took of it too.

Laurie said...

will the ugly doll sit in the blue chair???