holly, jolly december!

how's the christmas shopping going? need some original ideas? a very talented canadian artist has some kewl things on sale. her name is kal and I found out about her by purchasing one of her magnets. starting today she is putting them on sale and they would make great stocking stuffers! not only that, but you would be supporting "shop canadian" and you would have some amazing original gifts!

it all started with buying her magnet and then this...

yup, met HER! I attended this because I just knew I had to meet her and find out all about her. I learned so much in her class about letting go and having fun with it.

enough babbling! head over there and scoop up some prezzies! I would like "be you" just in case you haven't finished shopping for ME. just sayin'!


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Anonymous said...

hey, nadia!

i bought a magnet for maddie on monday. a lot of them were already sold out. i'm never fast enough. *(;

hope you are having a great december.