vegas update...

time passes quickly when you are watching the snow fall...

he finished and he was happy and I bawled like a baby!

I am SO proud of him! he worked so hard to make this happen and I was the lucky one who got to be there when he crossed the finish line.

and ME?

do I look happy?

at around 15 km (which is when I snapped this pic) I lost all feeling in my toes. then it felt like I was running on teeny pebbles and it hurt like hell. I wanted to quit, but knew if I did that I would never have the medal so I kept going. this run wasn't about me. it was about him and I am so happy it worked out so well for him.


Ute said...

Congratulations to you both!!!! Sooooo proud.

Gawdess said...

yay M!
and ooooooooh ick for N!
Good on you both!