out with the old...

the end of the year is near and I welcome it.  sorry!  I am ready for 2009!  I usually procrastinate about everything, but not this.  bring it!

this past year has been quite the "full meal deal" if you will.

I saw my father go from in pain to in the hospital and then bounce back to that energetic man that I remember from so long ago.  he rode his bike again and despite the boy shorts, black socks and dress shoes he was out on his bike!  

I saw my mother go from fairly healthy to steadily increasing pain which she is still battling.  I have to give it to her - she is a trooper and she is willing to try everything to feel better.  my wish for her is that 2009 brings her some relief.

my wish for both of them is that they are healthy enough to make a trip to italy next summer.

speaking of italy I was fortunate to have my uncle here from italy here for over six months. he is my fave and I enjoyed every single second of his visit. we spent more time together than we ever had due to my dad being in the hospital. I talked to him about worries that I had with my parents and he reassured me about a lot of things. love that guy!

I lost two family members this year.  one cousin to breast cancer.  mary battled a long time and she fought hard.  cancer won and that makes me mad!  I also lost my uncle to cancer.  his battle was short and in some ways people might think that is the better way to go.  either way it is the cancer that beat them and I will continue to do my part to help find a cure for this disease.

my one and only son graduated high school this year.  that in itself was a relief.  ha!  I knew he could do it and I also knew he was ready to be done with it.  he was one of those bright children who were bored in school long before anyone figured out they were bored.  now he is working on what he wants to do and where he would like to end up doing it.  all in all he is a great kid who amazes me on a daily basis.  

my wish for him is that he takes what gives him passion and makes a living doing it.  his will be an interesting life.  I know that for sure.

I saw my better half shine his way through the sale of a business and cross the finish line of his first marathon. each instance required dedication, determination and commitment. I knew he could do it and I needed him to see that he could do it.

my wish for him in 2009 is that his ticker keeps on ticking and he takes more time to do the things he loves to do.

and me? I was a rock star this year! my whirlwind tour began february here in edmonton with a week of babysitting my two nieces. what fun and how lucky was I? in april I was off to north carolina for inspired. I was overwhelmed by the talent and all the people I met. I learned so much and have so many wonderful memories.

I traveled to airdrie in may with laurie to teach workshops. we had quite the adventure. between no bottled water in the hotel and jumping balconies. mind you we always manage to put smiles on our faces and carry on.

then it was off to dawson creek in june for our first summer solstice party. we laughed, played games and stayed awake to watch the sun come up. it was so much fun.

in august I was given a trip to chicago for my birthday. I have never been so stunned in my life. I couldn't believe that in one week I would be leaving on a trip. you got me harry!

september took us to banff for melissa's. our first time entering that race and we have decided it won't be our last. we love the mountains and running in them is just the icing on the cake. good friends, great food and a visit from the nieces and their kids. it was wonderful.

october we had our annual trip to st. louis. this year was more low key with all the food intolerances that I was having. we still managed to get out and see some sights and do some shopping.

november we took our last minute trip to punta cana. aren't those sell off's awesome! a week in the sun, sand and surf did us a world of good. we love the beach and the sun and who can say no to sand in your toes?

december we went to las vegas to make him a "marathon man". my first trip to sin city and although it won't be my last I would probably only return to run the race again.

my final stop of the tour was back to dawson creek (they begged me to come back!) for kurjata christmas. always a good time and with the exception of "cardiac patient" we did have fun visiting with everyone.

last year my word for the year was "live" and live I did. so much so that I am exhausted! I am still thinking about my word for 2009. it will have to be something that encompasses all that I am striving for in my life. I want less chaos and more time to do the things I love to do. less pressure and more support. don't be going all "the secret" on me and telling me that I asked for it all and that is why it is coming to me!

looks like I will need to gut the house (chaos) and hire a maid (more time). move the button on my pants (less pressure) and apparently get a new bra (more support).

my wish for you is that you have what makes you happy or in 2009 you find it and treasure it and are grateful for it. we need to remind ourselves that who we are is okay. that the people that surround us are to support us and lift us up not bring us down. that the world is a better place because of us and we need to take care of it as much as we take care of ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Danny has your love of hats I see...lol
Loved the video BTW.

Looking forward to hearing your word..or number? think about it..

morningDove said...

i love this blog post. loved the support, chaos line. Can't wait for Inspired in May.

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look.

Anonymous said...

you deserve the best in 2009. i'm so sad that i missed a kurjata chirstmas. in a few years when we have 2 and the youngest one is 2 or so we'll go. AND whyen (and why) are you know t's godmonther? just curious.

see you in feb.

Catherine said...

Happy New Year to you too Nadia!! I've got an extra Valentine ATC I just finished up if you'd like to make a trade??

Have a great week! Catherine

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year girl - hope its rockin' amazin' for you in surprising ways!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Nadia! Here's to a new year with less bumps then last. LOL (remembering the BW here) Take care and ttyl,