not a creature was stirring...

at least not yesterday morning. back from the last stop of my tour this year. christmas with the kurjata family is always full of adventure, laughter and lack of sleep. so I slept till noon. I must have needed it. it is all quiet and weird. there was a lot of hustle and bustle during the holidays. let me re-cap for you and share some of my fun memories.

-day we are scheduled to leave the NEW car has no regular source of heat (it is minus 35 degrees!) (NEW car? more later)

-day after we arrive I jet him off to the hospital to reinact a scene from gene simmons family jewels. it is the episode 40/41 where he ends up in the hospital with his heart beating irregularly and they try different medications until one finally works. he was in a-fib for twelve hours.  he (not gene) was minutes away from being blitzed to a hospital an hour and half away. thank goodness he converted and the holiday fun resumed. unless you asked him. minus alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate not a lot of fun!

- during christmas mass my tummy decided that NOW would be a good time to start acting up. several trips to the bathroom and watching mass on the big screen in the play room I was finally able to return for communion. yuck!

and with any family christmas comes christmas carols. mom loves it when all the kids get together and sing. now that the kids have kids they also join in guitars and all. and if you were unable to make it to christmas we will serenade you via ichat:

I became the godmother of this beautiful girl seen here with her mom. equally beautiful, but not my godchild.

it was a kurjata infomercial starting with this. we were also able to try this and this. missed out on the demo of this.

we had homemade salsa, herbal teas, polish waddka and no mandarin oranges. apparently there was a shortage! also no kurjata cookies. wtf?

we visited with family, played cards, ate, drank and were positively merry! I loved seeing everyone!
I will share my family christmas tomorrow!

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Gawdess said...

whoa! you need some down time after all that!
like the new look of the blog