happy thanksgiving!

no seriously! all day today I have been happy and SO thankful!

I started the day off with a list. not like that is anything different from any other day in my life, but here is the kicker!


I know! I surprise me too. now get off the floor and back into the chair and let me tell you what happened. 

it all started with two happy puppy faces saying "good morning mamma". they were happy because they finally had some relief after being diagnosed with lice! yuck! drugs are GOOD! thankful that they are feeling better!

then off I went to meet my friend for a run in the trails. we have beautiful trails and sans snow and ice it is quite nice to run without fear of going ass over tea kettle. so after the run she invites me in for coffee. sure! and we then spent the better part of the morning just chatting and laughing and reconnecting. I also made a new furry friend as she was babysitting. "chewy" is the sweetest big dog I have ever met! it was awesome! and I was so thankful that I forgot all about what I needed to do this morning.

from there I ran home to shower and have lunch and who happens on my doorstep but dan. what a lovely surprise! we lunched together, chatted and shared a big hug. I love my time with him and am so thankful that I get that and his hugs make me SO happy!

then off to pick mom up and take her to the doc's. dad decided to stay home so he missed out! while we were waiting for the doctor to come in she said she was hot. "oh I better not tell the doctor I am hot or he will think I am hot for another reason" she said. good lord! poor thing was having a hot flash. we leave the doc's and I ask her if she needs to stop anywhere before I take her home. she says no and asks if I need to stop somewhere. I tell her I need to stop and pick up some toiletries for dan and so she says okay I'll come with you!

we get into the store and off I go to grab shampoo and such and when I go looking for her I find her down the candy aisle with a bag of jelly beans in her hand. apparently she had found what she needed. so I keep shopping and she goes through the till and rips open the bag and starts chomping down on them like she is two. it was the cutest thing. she was so happy with her bag of $1.99 christmas jelly beans. so thankful I still have my mom and dad and I can enjoy these moments with them.

before I head home I decide to stop and get my glasses checked and adjusted. as the lady is pulling the lenses out she ends up breaking one of my lenses. I tell her I can't drive without my glasses and I will have to get someone to come and pick me up. no, no she says we are making it up for you now and it will be about twenty minutes. so twenty minutes later I had not one, but TWO new lenses! I am so thankful that I stopped to get my glasses checked! 

so I head home and he is smiling and feeling better too. so puppies are on the mend and he is on the mend and I? I am so thankful that I tossed my list out the window today so that I could just "enjoy" the day as it rolled out.

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Anonymous said...

Are you back from your trip? So glad to hear from you! Hope your journies are going well!