travel journal...

I love to make travel journals for all my trips.  I usually make them from scratch and apparently she
would like me to do a little step by step over at the studio.

hoping to get that up next week.

in the past my journals mostly contained writing with some sketches and bits and pieces like receipts, business cards and such.  when I was introduced to this wonderful world of "scrapbooking" and all the kewl papers, embellishments and toys, well, I went crazy!  I have started including patterned papers, transparencies and pictures.  yup, pictures! and I love it!

the thing I love about my art journals is that they are busting open from all the extras and now I am getting that same effect with my travel journals and it is making me SO happy!

here is my most recent journal from punta cana.  it is SO full!  I LOVE it!  enjoy!  

*I left the music off so it is up to you if you want tunes while watching or not

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