¡mis favoritos!

besides the obvious sand, surf and sun there were other things that made my get away so amazing. we stayed in an all-inclusive and although we love being spoiled rotten we also like to get off the resort and rub elbows with the locals. 

we took a tour which started out with horseback riding where I had a gentle, slow and well behaved horse. I could have done this everyday if I had the chance! we visited the sugar cane fields and sampled some sugar cane. we visited a dominican home and had coffee, hot chocolate and mama juana and feasted on fresh fruits. we took a walk down by the river and saw people bathing and washing clothes. little children everywhere yelling "ola". we went to a ranch and had lunch and visited a school. unfortunately it was saturday and we were unable to see the inside of the school. bummer! our tour ended at a local beach where there were vendors of all ages. a little girl trying to sell me some flowers and a boy with hand woven hats. we saw the most beautiful water and the softest sand. it was an incredible day. the rest of our time was spent walking the beach, laying in the sun and cooling off in the water.

like I said before I create a travel journal for each trip I take as I like to document our adventures away from home. what I have started doing with the last few journals is adding a daily "top five" list of favorites. so here are my top five from the trip:

1. fresh coconut juice

2. painting

3. passion fruit

4. yoga on the balcony

5. cappuccino on the beach (my starbucks understudy)

aw hell! can I add one more?

6. this man

he made this trip possible and helped me make it through the week. there were some ups and downs which mostly involved my stomach and head, but I kept telling myself that I was at the beach and so I put my big girl panties on and worked it out the best I could. all in all it was an amazing trip, a great break and I acquired another sand specimen to add to the collection.

thanks babe!


Anonymous said...

again, so many beautiful pictures. How wonderful that you guys are able to spend this time away from all the crap life throws at you, and lay on a beach! A rehab appointment made in heaven!
BTW...that fruit STILL looks disgusting and I will NEVER EVER put it in my mouth no matter how good you say it is....lol

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Glad to see you had such a wonderful trip!

Gawdess said...

you are so beautiful!!!!!!!! great shots, so evocative of you rtime there, and cute guy!

Anonymous said...

seriously... you look stinkin' fabulous! tan and toned... and that stomach... wash-board abs!

i swear i'm not a stalker. (:

and i agree, that passion fruit looks grody to the max.