holiday highlights!

a few of my favorite moments from our trip to punta cana, dominican republic...

strangers who lean into photos - love that!

my feet touching the sand for the first time...

lying on the beach looking up at the palm trees swaying in the breeze.

horseback riding!

the children

michael jackson - in concert

this shot for kath:

more tomorrow!


Nancy said...

Hope you had an awesome time.... where did you stay? We did Punta Cana for Christmas 2005 and had a blast. I just got back on Saturday from Puerto Vallarta

Nancy said...

It was the Michael Jackson show that tipped me off. We had one at the Riu in Mexico last week too.

Are Chocolate and Oliver still part of the Animation Team?

nancy at elrick dot ca

Melissa said...

"Strangers that lean into photos." That's great! Heehee!

~Ocean Breezes~

Gawdess said...

the oil and vinegar is so gorgeous and full of light, gorgeous gem tones!
and a great eye!