top ten "sweet escapes"

today I begin the top ten "sweet escapes". the things you do or places you go to get away from it all. the kids, the hubby, the telephone, the to-do list and just plain escape "life" for a little bit. I have been in a bit of a funk lately and so I thought it would be important to figure out some of my favorite sweet escapes and I thought I would share them with you. beginning with number ten.

aren't they sweet! one of my favorite things to do is grab my girl and go play somewhere else. it could be going to crankpots to paint and chat or it could be taking a class together. either way we get out of our house and away from everything familiar and jump into the unknown. new media, new tools, new instruction and a little challenge for us. we get so used to using the same things over and over and sometimes it is good to leap out of the box and see what is else is out there and I get to spend the time with her and just "play".

I hope you will share your sweet escapes with me over the next ten days!  I would love to hear how you "get away from it all!"

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Anonymous said...

#1-meet me in the bath tub baby! give me a book a cup of tea and a LOCKED DOOR and I am in heaven!
#2-meeting you at chapters is pretty sweet too..
#3- I love my fire pit and my lawn they count?