last night while waiting for the train I met a little boy, his brother and his mom.

he said "excuse me", put out his hand "please to meet you" and proceeded to tell me his story.

he was born without a thumb. he was raising money to send disabled kids like him to sports events. he had handmade stationary available. "$3.00 for one and $5.00 for two" he said. "how many would you like" he continued. 

"two please"

I looked in his eyes and said "you are precious" and he said "thank you".

his mom pulled out the handmade stationary to give us. she gave us one of each design. on ruled paper there is a design made with pencil crayons of the st. louis blues logo and the envelope is decorated as well. the other has a design of the st. louis rams and again the envelope is decorated to match. he was so happy! " now there will be kids going to the game!" he said. I am not sure if his brother helped with the coloring or not, but it was all very special.

made by hand...

by a boy...

without a thumb...

"god bless you" he said, as we parted.

"god bless you" I said.

another memorable moment in st. louis

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Melissa said...

What a great happening!

~Little Boy Magick~