"sweet escape" number eight

I know I already mentioned this one in the last post with my "bubble bath escape" but I am a book loving girl! I love them like no one else! do I read them all? nope! am I worried that I may die before I have time to read all the books I have acquired? yup!

I used to buy books by the bagful. magazines too and then my lovely friend reminding me of this thing called "the library". ya, I used to go all the time when dan was little. the summer reading club, the weekly trips, the whole kit and caboodle and then it sort of was forgotten. and so now I can reserve a multitude of books and read/preview them as much as I want. I LOVE that! there are still those books that I HAVE to have. here is five of my latest fave books:

excuse me, your life is waiting - lynn grabhorn (currently on my nightstand, but so far LOVE it!)
twilight - stephenie meyer (say what you will, but I loved it and am on book two!)
glass - ellen hopkins (have also read crank and burned - quick reads)
sharing your story - ali edwards (great ideas for mini books)
crazy sexy cancer tips - kris carr (inspiring and packed with tons of info)

my favorite place to read other than the bathtub is...

a hammock! why? cause it supports my head and neck perfectly and usually a hammock is situated outside which is another place I love to be! 

what are you reading lately?


Anonymous said...

oh baby did you see that our NEW library has a fireplace!! With those beautiful new etched windows and the firplace the only thing that coul possibly make it more perfect is if they had a coffee bar and chaise lounges instead of chairs...

Melissa said...

Reading outside on my swing (which lays down into a 'bed' of sorts) is the BEST (and napping)! I re-read the last Harry Potter book while I was sitting with my pregnant cat. I'd like to read "Twilight" and the others sometime soon (I have got to get to the library). I am hesitant to read books at times because I've read some 'bad' ones and felt like my time had been wasted. Paulo Coelho is a fav of mine too.

~Happy Halloweeners~

cancer cowgirl xo said...

I'm so glad you like my book! Are you a member of our online community? If not, come join us love.

Peace & Veggies,
Kris Carr