do I look happy?

damn straight! so what do you do when you are away from home? do ya shop? pamper yourself with spa treatments? curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and stay in the hotel room?

just wondering!

I usually try to find a grocer. that's right kids! preferably a place that has a deli, bakery and fresh produce. today I entered "whole foods" here in st. louis. what a beautiful place. we used to have a similar store in edmonton (debajis) and then they closed down. I guess we weren't ready for that kind a cuisine back then. I am now!

I purchased enough items for the next three days breakfasts, lunches and snacks. this way I don't need to be doing take out or room service and explaining my food issues over and over. I just wanna relax! chill!

I just finished my lunch of tuna salad with cranberries (yum!) laurie you would love this! I paired it up with a bag of krinkle kettle chips in salt and black pepper flavor. uh, hello? YUM! team that up with baby carrots, sugar snap peas and the most perfect drink in the whole wide world - venti iced deaf caffe americano with carmel. oh yes - there is a starbucks in the lobby of my hotel!

I have unpacked and my new address is room 1828 - hilton at the ballpark, st. louis, mo. please forward my mail. ciao!


Gawdess said...

Yay! Whole food is seriously delish and it sounds like you are doing right fine in the feeding yourself department!
Didya know that they have a wheat free red licorice in the states? Didya?
Black Ace gf red licorice!!!!
We got some in San Diego and my girl loves it.
Missed you yesterday!
Keep having a blast!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When r you coming home to make me that salad?...sigh

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you don't intend on returning home. Is there someone you would like me to call?