one week?

last week flew by as fast as the birds flying south for the winter.  what's the hurry?

monday - met with laurie to set the calendar for the month. while I was away she set up a meeting for us with two lovely ladies from "vibe". they scooped up all of our pieces and ordered more! woo! we are national!

tuesday - studio sweetness with paint flying and excellent coffee!  one order almost complete and the other has a good dent in it.

I also started my "vegan cooking class" and as you can see by the above photo - it was a short class! I was having SO much fun chopping, cooking and rockin' the kitchen with my table buddy val. and no WE did not start the fire!

wednesday - run day for me which is always an awesome thing! after the run I came home and mom popped by with her new look:

took sparky to the vet and he lost a pound! double woo!

and my bil came to bug me and stayed for two nights

thursday - started the day out with a run! yay! after the run things kind of went south and so I bolted.

I hit the road, in my car, plugged the meter and walked and walked. picked up some bling, good coffee and just took a break from all my to-do's.

the evening took me to bootcamp where I was SHOCKED that I had to run to warm up. hee hee! I figured we would lift a few weights and call it a day. a little chit chat, friendly sweat, trendy water bottle and done. whew! it was SO much more!

friday - back in the studio where we completed one order and kept plugging away at the other.

saturday and sunday - workshop with connie. what a wonderful lady! look at all the fun stuff I did!

whew! and so we begin another week. happy monday! got a few things up my sleeve this week that I will share...


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