"sweet escape" number six


yesterday my girl came over for lunch and brought with her a gabazillion cd's. we reminisced about the good ole days and hummed a few bars of familiar songs and then the itunes loading began.

music has always been a huge part of my life. when I was younger I would listen to tapes and pause, playback and write the lyrics down in my notebook and then I could sing along. music is a great escape be it singing at the top of my lungs in the car with laurie or in the studio while creating. what are some of your favorite tunes?


Anonymous said...

told sarah about the chili and tat you thought my cd's were rockin when she thought they were lame! Kids..can't teach em anything till they are ready to learn!

Anonymous said...

KD does my fav Halleluia but real tears flow with "Time To Say Goodby" by Lucianno. My lovely Italian neigbours play that when its time to say goodby and when it played at Nina's funeral....sobs.LUL M

Melissa said...

I used to do the same thing - play it, rewind, try to figure out what they're saying (I always loved it when they had the lyrics inside the cover - made things so much easier for me).

During the year, we keep a running list of songs. When vacation time comes, we download them for our summer mix, which we listen to during out 12 hour drive to South Carolina. Keeps us happy.

We began a plan many years ago....slowly, but surely getting our music (mostly 80's and 70's) stuck in our now 17 year old's head. Has totally worked! She still listens to her stuff, but also loves much of our music. She believes she is a Phil Collins master- "Is this Phil Collins....I knew it!"

~S A T U R D A Y night~