beware of "nadia"

seriously! I should be wearing a sign.

mom wanted to have some friends over for lunch and so I made it happen. pulled one of my pre made lasagnas out of the freezer, tossed a salad, a few buns and bingo "lunch". she had a couple of the nasty cream pies (sorry mccains!) and bingo "dessert".

while we are waiting dad is going on and on about he can't cook and how can we do this and what a pain in the ass and so on and so forth. I threw him a towel to cry in and told him to sit down and let me handle the preparation. eventually he sat down and relaxed a bit. he is not really the social type and so I knew he was nervous about that too.

so our guests arrive and basically my job is to make sure that my dad sits and relaxes and has a good time. mom was easy as she is not really able to help anyway and she was content visiting. I serve and sit down to enjoy lunch. and the conversation begins and of course I want to contribute cause heck I am present! it would seem weird if I didn't say something now and then, right? yup, well. we got to this one part and it went something like this:

guest: you are no longer allowed to have communion by mouth anymore because of H1N1.

me: really? interesting.

guest: oh yes! and they have taken away the holy water. oh those poor people were tapping that bowl on sunday. I finally flipped it over.

me: hmmm... ya know, if someone wanted to make a buck they could come up with individual holy waters.

guest: (nothing. crickets)

OH YEAH! I said it OUT LOUD! to people who I really do not know! cripes! I looked at my mom who was knee deep in lasagna and asked her if she would like some more. I turned to dad and asked if he would like more bread. good lord! sorry lord! someone SAVE ME!

then they started saying how wonderful it was to be together and visit. whew!

BUT! c'mon! is it not a wonderful idea? my friend seems to think that we would have to clear it with the pope, but I'm saying we start production of units immediately so that we can have them in place before christmas. are ya in?

and about dad? he didn't stop talking the whole time they were there! hmph! for someone who does not like to socialize he sure had a few things to say. I realized that he too needs to have some social time with other people.

the time away has done wonders for clearing my head and figuring out some strategies and things to investigate for them both. time away from the "eye of the storm" was just what I needed. now if I can just get a filter on my mouth that would be super! amen!


jenn h said...

i totally think the individual holy water are a GREAT idea:)

littlea'smom said...

Dude. I too lack a filter...I was hoping it would come with age but alas that had not been the case.
YEay to the filterless mouths:)

And individual holy water ampules WOULD be a great idea:)