everything if fine, really...

honestly, I not have drinking been.

joey with his bandage

I feel the need to start out this post with that statement. mostly for me so that I reaffirm to myself that everything IS fine. sober or otherwise.

in other words...


let's wrap up the week, shall we?

this week was beautiful as far as the weather goes. I really wish I had spent more time laying outside in the sun, but hey.

the week started out fair with a wonderful walk in the river valley and art with a friend.

and my mother having two falls. one while holding a pot of hot oil. oh lord! her forearms and knees are now bandaged and she is not allowed to cook anymore. big sigh.

took the dogs for a grooming and was gobsmacked at the bill. I was told that if they participated in the "pampered pet" program that they would pay a reduce rate. perfect! how does that work? you bring your pets in every six weeks. are you fucking kidding me? I don't even get pampered every six weeks. b - bye!

that same day I am feeling sick because I figure that cheese can only hurt me - sometimes. yeah, okay - ALL THE TIME! so in my cheese hangover I take "little joe" to school where we both fail miserably. he does not care that I have every treat under the sun. nor does he care to acknowledge me when I call his name or swear at him. nothing! crickets!

so wednesday I pick myself up, dust myself off and head out for my wednesday morning habit. everything goes well. everyone listens to me whine and reassures me that I am normal and so is joey.

normal? the afternoon is spent at the vet where joey gets his blood taken to check some wonky stuff they found last month. he freaks out not at the needle, but as the alcohol hit his paw. grow up! so he gets a blue bandage for being a brave pup. sparky gets checked to see if there is any help we can get him for his aching body. so two blood tests and $100.00 later we find out that sparky will need an ultra sound ($400.00) to find out more information. joey could also use an ultrasound ($400.00 more) , but because he is so young and not exhibiting any signs of distress we are going to let him go and check him again in four months.

thursday morning I wake up with determination to knock off some items of the ever ending list. window washing, house cleaning, purge unused items etc. day is flying along and much progress is being made with many cross outs on the list. yay! call from dad to say that someone (who?) is coming tomorrow to see mom at 1:00 pm.

friday morning I continue with the cleaning before I run off to mom and dad's where shortly after my arrival a nurse comes and announces that she is mom's nurse. huh? homecare. wha? she will be coming in three times a week. seriously? we are asked many questions. house tour and before I rush off to my appointment we have organized respite for dad and are getting information about subsidized cleaning. WHAT THE HELL?


whoa, back up nelly! a few months ago I was quite confused as to who I was speaking to and who was coming out to see us and after many phone calls I was still confused. we had someone come out to do a equipment assessment and I thought that was it. I made more phone calls and was ratted out to a social worker. honestly after that I was afraid to make any more phone calls. I am also a bit timid when it comes to answering the door. I am thinking at any moment that they will come to take me and lock me up. for what I am not certain.

here is the thing. the thing is that I am welcoming the locking up. honestly and I am being honest with you now. I could really use a little break!

so let's summarize. ma is good, dad is good, pups are stable and I am packed and ready to go! CHEERS!

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