a lot can happen in 15 minutes...

just checked in to the hotel.

they have a little gift bag for me. WTH? bath salts, a loofah, bath gel, make up remover pads, q-tips and a cotton pad. I'm calling it a "whore" bag. momma please forgive me, but that is the first thing that came to mind.

so we get to our room and are settling in. settling in to me means taking your pants off and chilling out. so there I am in my panties when I hear a knock on the door. "housekeeping!" WTH? I jump to get my pants back on as they walk right in and hand over a couple of chocolate chip cookies. WTH? which again I think of "whore" snacks?

laurie and I stayed at this hotel before and I don't remember the gift bag or the cookies. which leads me to believe that when I was in the shower she ate the cookies and hid the gift bag. that WHORE!

not sure what is going to happen next so I am keeping my pants on. ciao!

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Laurie said...

OMG it's taken you like 6 years to figure out I ate the cookies!! Like you would scarf them down now. Please give the just baked choco chippers to Micheal and call it a day darlin! I get dibs on the loofah though...