back to reality...

saturday we had melissa's and I am still coming down from the high. the plan was to walk. the plan changed. see when you take two people who have not run a lick since last december. two people who have had enough crap thrown at them to fill a small village. two people who have been so wound up from stress.

well, you end up with two people who are ready to spontaneously combust! and so we decided in our brief moment of insanity that we were gonna run and run we did. I swear that no one could have removed the smiles from our faces. I am sure people thought we were on drugs and we kind of were. you see we both love to run. we love the outdoors and we were running the mountains people! talk about beautiful!

would we recommend not training for a 10 km and then taking off in a sprint? absolutely not! we were sore and thankfully we know the recovery tricks and so we are fairing pretty well. and as far as insane? oh yeah! we are already talking about our next race.

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