note to self (aka dumb ASS!)

1. do not talk to the next door neighbor who hates dogs about how much you still miss max.

2. do not watch "oprah's viewers favorites" when you are seconds away from your monthly gift.

both of these left me in a puddle of tears.

now on to the good things about 09/09/09:

I went for a long walk with joey to simmer down after the neighbors comments about max upset me. during our walk I was practicing some commands that we learned at puppy school and this man came over and sat down beside us. my first thought was "oh god, please do not light a cigarette or I may die or ask you for one".

he sat down and admired joey and started to tell me about how he had to let his "best friend" go in march. me too! "she had cancer" he said. mine too! he went on "oh they are wonderful creatures who are always there and who love us no matter what". "I miss her every day" he said. we talked some more and off he went. the whole time I was thinking that this was one of those moments when that lady from "touched by an angel" came to send me an angel to remind me that there are good things and to focus on those when I feel down and defeated.

then I get back home and felt better for a bit. then I watched oprah and then the tears started again.

then another bright reminder of good things. I received a phone call from a lady that mom used to work for and she was asking how mom was and what the diagnosis was and how we were coping. she had just called mom to ask her out to lunch on friday with her and a few other of mom's past clients. I thanked her very much for taking time to pick mom up for a "ladies lunch" and told her how much mom loved going out with the girls. reminded her how dad and I are not really the social type and how mom is. of course she knows this and loves mom to pieces and misses her so much. she ended the conversation with "if there is ever anything you need, ever! please do not hesitate to call me. I will drop everything and be there for you".

wow! more tears, but good ones!

so in light of 09/09/09 we shed some tears, talked to some very kind people and got our monthly gift.

I would say that was cause for celebration so I have good coffee in hand and a cake baking in the oven.

just missing my boy(s), I guess....

how was your 09/09/09?

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