"spicy italians" basta cancer!

this little boy still has his mama. thanks to the donations from people like YOU! I wanted to dedicate this post to my cousin tammy and her courage over the last couple of years. she is a trooper. I am in awe of how brave she is.

if you think it won't happen to me, think again. there is no history of breast cancer in the family. none! she was diagnosed at 39 and went on to have a mastectomy, chemo therapy and radiation. we participated in the weekend to end breast cancer 60 km walk and she never complained once. we went on to do the CIBC run a few weeks later and again she was strong.

she was so excited to get her "stripper boob" as she called it and then was hit with the news that she will be unable to have the surgery. complications will prevent this from happening. coupled with a few other scares going on and her mother and father's failing health. she remains strong.

I think of her often when I think of how bad I have it. I give my head a shake and remind myself that this is nothing compared to what she has been through and will continue to go through. I think of her when I am running a race and how I want to quit. she is there on my shoulder reminding me of her strength and determination to beat this disease.

do me a favor. do yourself a favor. do monthly breast self exams. get a mammogram if you are 40 or older. if there is a history of breast cancer in your family - get it now! early detection is the best case scenario.

do me another favor. say a prayer for tammy and think of us this sunday as we walk once again to find a cure for breast cancer.

I set myself a goal of raising $1,000.00 this year. I am halfway there and if you would like to help me get closer to my goal go here and make a difference. let's beat this! thank you!

"believe in your own power to make a difference in your life and the life of others"

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

congrats, and best wishes, and I hope you had a good and safe run.