holy crap! friday? wow!

so yesterday was a mucho productive day. started out with my first purchase of the day - a $1.99 poncho! woo! I decided to forgo the umbrella. I stayed fairly dry, but I cabbed it back to the hotel as it was raining cats and dogs and rats and elephants. wth?

headed back to the galleria to polish off the first floor. started the day off with a trip to the p.o. a little surprise for one of my artist friends.

I was going to get another massage, but then the guy at aveda gave me a cup of tea and asked if I wanted a shoulder rub and heck it was FREE! and it included tea and a chakra reading. go figure!

with the bucks I saved I headed to the food court for a bite to eat. at the bottom of the escalator I was met by a little asian lady who shoved a piece of sushi at me. awesome! so I hit the sushi bar and for $3.95 I had the best darn sushi ever! and I still had money left over so I grabbed a latte.

with my tummy full it was time to do some power shopping. the gap fulfilled my every desire with gap body wear on SALE!

in and out of a few other stores and not a lot of luck or willingness to pay full price for anything.

off to victoria secret for my bra replenishment where GASP! they no longer make my bra! WTF? so I had to spend a half an hour getting in and out of tit slingers and each time the lady came in to check and see that I wasn't spilling over cause apparently that drives her ape shit. ya, well I ain't a big fan either!

so two bras and a FREE t-shirt later and we were outta there! probably the least I have spent in victoria secret -EVER! what can I say? take my bra away and I am not prepared to support ya as much. just sayin'

then off to macy's where I found not ONE, but TWO of the coolest pairs of boots - EVER! what is a girl to do? they were both on sale and sadly I left them both behind. the salesman tried to sway my decision by taking me upstairs to customer service and presenting me with a two day discount card. didn't work dude. boots are a big commitment.

the funny thing was that he had this contraption where he scanned the sku number and entered my name. he could tell right on the spot whether he had the shoe in my size. it also spit out a ticket so that he had a hold tag ready to go. and here I thought remote controls and garage door openers where the epitome of laziness. apparently it has been trumped by the funky cool shoe checker do ma hickey.

tomorrow we head back home. can't wait to see the pups!




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littlea'smommie said...

So AWESOME! Hugs and kisses to all from us.