update on "sparky" the wonder dog. blood test came back clear and we are now trying a round of antibiotics and digestive meds. after this back for another blood test. if they figure out why his hips are so wide I may ask my doctor for the same test! HA!

and then we have this little gem:

my one and only baby...turned eighteen yesterday! yikes! seems like just yesterday that I was holding him in my arms for the first time. he didn't cry while I held him. he just looked at me with this "wth mamma" look and I looked at him with the "wth kid" look. he looked as scared as I felt. I became responsible for his life. he became my reason for living. I changed from that moment on. he came first above all. I did all I could do to make sure that he had the best life I could give him. I made choices that have affected both of our lives tremendously and all in the effort to ensure that he grew up feeling safe and secure.

we have been through a lot him and I. he has had more to deal with in his life time than he should have. he has grown into an incredible young man. he is bright, confident, and the guy that you want on your team. very loyal to his family and friends. funny, creative and grounded. he still has a long way to go and hopefully with one foot in front of the other will make good choices. I am so proud of you baby!

children are with us for a short time and then they are off on their own adventure and dan is gonna have one hell of a life. whatever he decides to do I have told him that he will do it "big". that's just the way he rolls...

and here he is in his most recent shot:

happy birthday baby! enjoy each moment and keep on being you!

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Gawdess said...

your child's birthday is really and truly one of the most intense Mother days too - happy birthday to Dan and looks like you have done a pretty good job of being a Mama!