day TWO!

wowzer! what a busy week we have ahead of us. last night was family dinner night where dan works and he somehow managed to skip out of work and join us. YAY!

I love being able to go to a restaurant and without too much trouble ordering a meal that I know is going to be okay for me to eat. I love that he thought of bringing a cake for dessert so that I could enjoy sweets as well! it is the little things that make it so special.

I was looking around at the table last night and seeing all the faces of my favorite people and how we were talking, laughing, joking around with each other. relaxed and just having fun over good food and celebrating. the celebration for me was so much more than it being my birthday or hers.

it is about celebrating moments and really being in the moment. I am so blessed to have them in my life! thank you all for an amazing evening and wonderful company. for awesome prezzies and such a beautiful card sarah!

as far as being older I have been thinking about doing a list of things as long as my age to do before my next birthday. I have seen other people do it and think it would be a great challenge. have to work on that! maybe while I am on the plane to chicago next week? still can't believe I am going to chicago! and for no particular reason other than to get away! kewl!

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Anonymous said...

That is an awesome picture of you and her.....the best I have every seen. Love that your families are so ONE and you look after each other. Love you both.