quick update...

birthday week ended and I still need to post some pics! after my night with hal I woke up with no voice and still have no voice. sucks! also found out my uncle passed away and am missing the funeral as I am in chicago. bummer.

so yeah, in chicago and what a beautiful city. well, okay the downtown area that I have seen is beautiful and clean! we shopped all day down the magnificent mile and took tons of photos!

lemme give you the ole top five good and bad of the last couple of days, k?

the bad:

1. stewardess/flight attendant was in a grouchy mood

2. turbulence

3. $69.00 for room service (bottled water $6.00 each)

4. oprah is not taping

5. no hot tub!

the good:

1. gap rules!

2. nike town? fabulous!

3. whole foods is the best store on earth!

4. the most amazing architecture I have ever seen

5. I had a hot chocolate with rice milk and it was heavenly!

and there you have it. a quick update. off to dinner and more shopping! no budget baby! YAY!


Gawdess said...

so sorry to hear about your uncle and so cool that you found whole foods, i will want to hear all about it and missed you this am!

Anonymous said...

your in Chicago!!

way cool.

How's the voice? Hope your well!

Anonymous said...

where are you?

I've been waiting for an update!

lol. I hope your doin' well!