presenting "garage band art girlz"

these are my girls! my peeps, my table mates, my new friends. gosh! when you attend an event like inspired alone you just never know who you will meet. well as luck, karma or whatever you want to call it would have it - I sat down at the first table I saw and so the fun began.

we were sharing things from the get go. making sure everyone had what they needed. helping each other out. it was real good.
by the second class we were more relaxed and I guess making poppet puppets will do that to ya. here is Jenn (our drummer) with hers. Jenn forgot her camera and so I became her official photographer.

we get to our third class of the day and after another Jennifer (our keyboard player) froze and I yelled "and GO" we were off and there was ink, paint, paper stuff everywhere.

at this time the announcement came from Carla that we are "garage band". I LOVED it! we are SO garage band and so we became the " garage band art girlz" from that moment on. here is our lead singer Carla.

put your coat on - she is kewl!

here is Jennifer and I love that she lets her child get messy and play and create. love that!

another Jennifer (yup, 3 in my group) and she tried to tell us she couldn't sew and then passed all of us in christina's class. whatever! lol!

let's call her our bass player as she rocks with thread!

and Susan who I see as our back up singer. if we needed something, she had it. question about a product, she was your girl. full of knowledge and little tricks. unfortunately I spilled a whole bunch of her wonderful product! sorry Susan!

and a pic of us with Donna and Bill after they surprised us each with a white rose.

a photo of the apron, tote bag and name tag. loved the canvas name tags! of course I am a member of the canvas chicks! check out what we are up to with name tags!

and finally the last picture with donna on day three. love her! miss her! and am totally inspired by her.

more tomorrow! now go make something!


Anonymous said...

gBAGZ rock. ha ha.

such a great post. i'm still in shock to be home. responsibility sucks sometimes, eh?

can't wait to start the circle journal. i'm up for anything.

jen c - green glitter balls girl... GGBG

Kate O'Brien said...

looks like you had a blast! enjoyed looking at all the photos!!

Gawdess said...

looking forward to seeing you in person and maybe getting an autograph !!!!

Jilliene Designs said...

That is such a great way to describe the instantaneous connection that happened at Inspired. I am so jazzed to learn that several of your band members are my peeps too! Love your blog! So fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

People should read this.