over and OUT!

got my scissors, got my glue, got my crop-a-thing ama bob, photos, and got my CHOCOLATE (see this post)

I am off to INSPIRED. A one of a kind event being hosted by donna downey. and we might play with this again?

I will attending workshops taught by:

kal. she's canadian, eh? LOVE her! woot! (as she says)

claudine. can't wait to see her again! so sweet!

christina. go canucks!

stephanie. her journals are so....they rock!

tena. you know tena! she teaches in-store, on-line, writes books!

jennifer. who I just know is as sweet as she appears to be on-line.

you are probably thinking WOW! Yup! BUT! wait! there is a whole lot more:

special guests such as

ali. evolution girl!

cathy. you know potty mouth girl. want NEED to meet this woman!

and many more special guests...

I KNOW! you are falling off your chair, BUT! there are also all night workshops with MORE big names AND....more BIG names attending the classes!


I'm gonna be there! OMG!



hasta la vista babies!


Anonymous said...

Just be you...they will love ya!

Kate O'Brien said...

lucky you! Have fun girl!