"believe in a thousand impossible things you've never believed before"

snow falling, cold frost, and trying very hard to see the beauty in it all. oh yes, she would say that I am lucky to live in a place where I can enjoy four seasons. val would say I am lucky for the trees along the trail. kissed with white flakes. kath would say "get your camera out and REALLY look at it. ya, me? not so much!

I spent the last few days getting back to the business of my body and how it hadn't moved much while I was away. did some yoga, did some running, some walking and it feels much better. I need to move. helps me clear my mind. helps me sleep. helps me open up new ideas and check them out. when everyone else is "om'ing" I'm busy playing in my head.

I have a new idea that I am excited about. I will share it with you soon. more details need to be ironed out. it will be fun and it will be good!


*finish up april/may birthday cards for the family
*get started on those baby announcements
*finish up some samples for the classes next week
*finish one project from "inspired"
*work on "new" idea details


hold my mother's hand while the doctor makes a few small incisions and straightens out her tear ducts. (insert puking sound)


Gawdess said...

You are a good daughter!
That is a beautiful, glowing shot of that rose - so I think you did good with a camera already!
Are we running inside or out on Wed? Or just staying in our beds and eating chocolate?
And finally, I hope that you are interested in sharing some pictures of your projects soon - I love seeing them.

Anonymous said...

And I would say, "Four seasons, my a**, when it's snowing in April we've been ripped off." Yes, snowing here in the Kootenays, too. Good luck with your Mom; eyes and blades.... too gross.