don't stop believing....

remember? journey!

so the snow is STILL falling. my body hurts from shoveling the damn stuff and my heart aches for sunshine. everyone is depressed. even the puppies. sparkle the wonder dog is unable to find his bunny friend. they are both white so you can understand his dilemma. sparky tip toes out slowly and max runs past him as fast as he can, relieves himself and runs back in faster. poor sparky hasn't even made it out the door and max is done! whimps!

yesterday was a very productive day considering the obstacles placed in front of me. we finished up the birthday cards.

baby announcements are waiting for photos and then signed, sealed and deliver!

my first completed "inspired" project is the "life is beautiful" with tena

my second completed "inspired" project is "puppet poppets" with claudine

and finally my "transformation" project with steph. LOVE her!'s list:

finish baby announcements
finish "inspired" travel journal
finish sample for stampers celebration
work on may surprise
pick up ink, photos, dan, storage containers and maybe a chai? a cookie? or not
shovel snow
finish up another project from "inspired"

mom decided not to have the eye procedure and no one was happier than ME. (insert trumpets sound)

and "GO!"

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Gawdess said...

really beautiful things here!
inspiring too.