pay it forward...

just do it! when someone does something nice for you and makes you feel all warm inside - pay it forward! don't ask questions just DO!

so this morning as I woke up to my radio I was hoping for a day without the dizzies. while I worked on getting my ass out of bed I listened to the dj's commenting on folded and stacked towels. seems lovely j'lyn and I share a bit of ocd. so I called the station and chatted with her and gary for a bit. nice chat and a few chuckles later they asked if I would like kid rock or santana tickets to which I replied, santana baby! michael franti is his opening act! how do I know this info? michael and I are facebook buds! hee hee! they asked for my number and said they would be calling me back.

about 15 minutes later the phone rings and it is j'lyn telling me that I won the tickets to see santana/michael franti! I am sure the whole neighborhood heard my screams and were about to call 911. whew! I am on cloud 9 and still vibrating from the happiness I feel.

and so I grabbed my sign and put my t-shirt on and headed out to spread some sunshine of my own. I knew that the morning crew were going to be at mcdonald's cause it is mc-happy day. I said hi and thank you to j'lyn and gary and thanked them for the tickets. I lined up and told my new BFF cashier julie that I wanted to buy lunch for the next person that walked in. great! so we have a customer and he orders a small coffee. are you kidding me? so I buy it for him and he is puzzled as to why I just bought him coffee. I told him to just do something nice for someone today - pay it forward.

next customer walks up and julie is right into it. the customer orders a diet coke. what? that's it? okay so I spring for that and I am only out a couple of bucks at this point. julie and I had our eyes peeled on the door and each person that walked in julie was waving them over to her. she was precious! so finally these two lovely ladies walk in. ladies who lunch perhaps? so I buy the first lady her lunch and she is confused. why was I buying her lunch? who was I? what did I want from her? too funny! I told her to just pay it forward. do something nice for someone today. of course I felt I should buy her friend lunch too to be fair and so I did. I enjoyed watching them all unsure and smiling about what just happened and then I thanked everyone and off I went.

back in the car my calculations were that I forked out about $10.00. what? off to starbucks drive through where I decided that I would pay for the person behind me. yup, and then I drove off. I don't know what their reaction was. what they thought or if they even get it, but it doesn't matter. in order to answer our wishes of peace in this world we need to be a part of it. I know that my gesture today is not going to move mountains or create a world wide movement, but maybe, just maybe one other person out there in this world will be pleasantly surprised by the kindness of a stranger. now off you go - spread some sunshine!

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