DIY pet bed

I just cannot seem to stop sewing and cannot bear to part with any of my fabric scraps. I love to reuse when possible and so today I came across a couple of old shirts, some jeans and some left over quilt fabric and I was inspired. I figured my puppy needs a new bed for the new home and so off we went. one old shirt...
I cut the squares 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" to allow for seams. some batting which I cut 16" x 18" big enough to cover the kennel floor.
I started sewing my squares together in strips. and then sewed the strips together. I did not pin anything. I am not a professional, just having fun!
I had my top and bottom pieces all sewn and put the quilt batting in between. I did pin this together to try to keep it from shifting around while I sewed it all together.
here is the top after the squares were all sewn together with the batting and back piece.
I needed some binding for the edges and so I grabbed another old shirt and cut 2" strips. I folded these in half and then unfolded and folded the sides to the middle fold. make sense? easy peasy! you can press it if you want. I prefer to just go with it being that time is limited these days.
so if the strips are too short because you used an old shirt just sew the strips together to form a long enough piece to bind the edges!
here is a picture of how I folded the strips to create the binding.
I pinned the binding to the piece all around and mitred the corners. then I sewed all around once with a straight stitch and then again with a zig zag stitch.
pet tested it for approval.
and one last quality control in the kennel and joey gave it his paw of approval. I have more sewing to share because as I have been sorting through it all I have been inspired to create instead of tossing.


Linda Woods said...

This makes me want to dust off one of my 3 sewing machines I can't find the bobbins for. TOO CUTE!

FAB letters said...

nice! lucky Joey!
i like the way you simplified all the steps. how smart is that!

Linda Woods;
i have lots of bobbins that can be Fwd'd to you by way of Nadia. someday. after i pull out my hand-me-down sewing machine to see which kind it takes!

Gina Cuff said...

Great dog quilt Nadia. I like your no rules motto when it comes to sewing. I'm the same way. :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog post!