on a rainy day...

this song started playing on i-tunes just as I was putting together this post. how appropriate. awesome! the rain is falling down outside and I am inside continuing on with the sorting, packing and procrastinating.

you know how it is. you open a drawer, a door or a box and "wow" it's christmas! you find all sorts of things that you forgot about. and today was fabric sorting day. and being as how I am feeling all out of sorts and kind of like I could use a soft place to fall. I made myself this:

some left over fabric from a quilt I made for beautiful baby mia. they were already cut into strips so super simple. a piece from an old pair of jeans well worn and loved. "it is ok" is from a t-shirt and I love that statement. no matter how much junk you are dealing with or sorting through it is always a good idea to stop for a bit.
I should mention that I did not use a pattern. grab and sew, chop, sew and away we go. kind of like life for me right now. no method, no set system, just letting go. I love it and it will be a wonderful addition to the new studio!

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madonnart said...

Downsizing is tuff work.I decided the good times were now and it was time to move the "good" dishes, linen, towels, silver into everyday.Lots of tears shed though on that trip down memory lane.