marvelous monday

sounds like something sark would write. if you say "it's monday" that just sounds so boring, but if you say "it's marvelous monday" now there is some excitement!

and why is it SO marvelous? I was pleasantly surprised by my mom the other day. she was very excited about her painting. painting? I thought they convinced her to help paint some walls in the the new "courage center". never in a million years would I have thought that MY mom - my MOM - MY MOM would be painting in the art room.

she released the brakes on her walker and full speed ahead took me to the art therapy studio in the hospital. I knew about the room. I had heard about the room. I had seen some of the art work from the room. even thought about volunteering in the room, but NEVER thought I would be in the room with my mom. or that my mom would be showing me a piece of her art.

she said she painted a dog. oh he is lovely she said. wait till you see him. I am making him for you she said. I struggled to hold back the tears that were coming. I had yet to see the dog and the mere thought of her painting a dog for me was so touching. we entered the room and of course it is an artist's dream world. paint everywhere, projects underway and even paintings on the ceilings, inspirational quotes on the walls. It was breathtaking and then I watched her as she wheeled her walker over to the corner where all the ceramics lay. some half painted, some complete and drying and then she picked him up. the dog. my dog. the piece that she painted for ME. her face lit up as she explained to me what she used and how she painted it and how the nurse helped her with the color choices. oh my it was a beautiful sight to see my mother's face. what a moment. a beautiful unexpected moment. I took a quick picture of her piece. she said it was not finished, but that's okay I like to capture the process.

and so today on this morning my mom headed back into the art room to work on her piece. my mom - painting? how marvelous!

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Gawdess said...

awwww! wonderful everything!