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"my unique and creative talents and abilities flow through me and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways. my creativity is always in demand"
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mamma update:

loaded her up and brought her home. after meeting with the care team at the hospital we have a diagnosis of progressive super nuclear palsy. she will not get back to her old self again and she is very limited in what she is able to do. she has to use a walker and she has to have someone with her constantly to insure that she does not fall. after many tears and many talks I found myself with a renewed thought process. she is how she is and she may get worse, but she is alive and how about we make the best of all of our lives while she is alive. while we are all alive. we do not know the speed at which the disease progresses, but we have discussed plans to make good things happen for her and some changes for all of us as we move through this together. we all have plans for the future and where we would like to be in the next ten years, but you know what? all we have is right now. this day. this moment. that is the only guarantee. wow! talk about your "grow up" attitude! I have had to do a lot of that lately and I find myself reverting back to when I was a child as well. I handled a lot of the paper work, phone calls and meetings when I was young as mom and dad had the language barrier. I grew up fast and that is probably why for a period in my life I was a bit footloose and fancy free. reckless and wild. that inner child screaming to "just play" and "just be" and "just..." thank god for a supportive family, understanding friends and therapy I am here today.

and with much gratitude. so thankful that I have my mom alive and well. she is well and she is happy and every day she surprises me with her spunkiness and go getter attitude. she finished painting the puppy for me and it is so beautiful and such a treasure. she painted it! awesome!

and as far as the new puppy goes:

yup! he is full of spit and vinegar! actually he has been absolutely delightful. he has brought us all joy and made us giggle a lot. it is so much fun trying to figure out his personality and see how he tests the waters around here. and the best part is that he loves hanging out in the studio. yay!


little a's mommy said...

Yeay to Maria for getting to go home. Yeay to Peter for being him. Yeay to you for all that you've done and done it so gracefully.
Yeay to all of you! At least you now have a name for her falling. I hope that she does well for a long time.
kisses and hugs to all of you.

PS can't wait to see the puppies again

Madonnart said...

Good to have a name for it even better to have you to love her and to be there for her to lean on. I love the little Joey. Now he's a real healer