"creativity is inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." - mary lou cook

splashing some paint around lately even if just in second, minute, hour increments. feels good. feels real good. a little playing around in my journal which I am tempted to transfer to canvas cause I love how it turned out:

a piece started way back when. just a sneak peek and some more experimenting with claudine's paints on canvas:

something I should have completed back in january. right laurie? and some days it feels like january around here...brrrrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

So cool to see you on the Scrapscene blog!

Jeanne Oliver said...

Your journal is lovely! I look forward to Unravelling with you!

d smith kaich jones said...

Another unraveller here. I must tell you - I am always in awe of & slightly jealous of you folks who are art journalers. I have tried for years but just cannot do it, though I make art otherwise, and I write like crazy. We will see if unravelling helps, but I think not - I think I'm missing a gene. :) I am so impressed with your journal!

:) Debi

Lori said...

Another fellow unraveller, your creativity is inspiring to me, looking forward to the unravelling process!