what? only a week?

ah yes! we are still here. children are still alive and kicking and are done with auntie Nadia and well let's be honest, auntie Nadia was, stick a thermometer in me, done, a while ago! now don't get me wrong. I love these girls to pieces and in the event of a tragedy they will be mine. I just feel like I could do better. Make better suppers, have better baths, read better stories, get Jorja's nose to stop running and Kaitlyn's hand to stop drying out. do more fun stuff! WHEN? I feel weak and defeated. Like (oh yeah pull up a chair and grab a drink the pity party has begun) I should be able to do all this. Didn't I do all this before? I thought I did. Why I even think I brag about how I did it before. shame on me! I have probably made a few new mothers feel like they should be able to do all of it and with ease.

so today we made it to school on time once again. yay! we had supper on the table by 5:30 pm. and there are three more valentine's cards to be decorated. out of thirty that is not bad! the van has another $60.00 worth of gas in it and there is more milk in the fridge for my two little angels. and as I sit here in the lazy boy recliner (only because I can't get out of it!) going back and forth from posting to e-mailing my son I have a look around. there are toys on the floor, dishwasher needs emptying, laundry needs washing, towel needs to be hung back up in the bathroom, but all this is not bothering me! why? cause I have my chocolate and I am enjoying it and if I close my eyes real tight I am sharing it with whose is seated next to me in another lazy boy. aahhhhh middle age!

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