dagoba anyone? anyone?

really! what does a girl have to do to get some organic chocolate around here? I have recently begun my quest to eat cleaner, more fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts and organic if I can find it. and YES chocolate is an important part of that clean, healthy living that I am seeking. in fact - dark chocolate has its benefits and I am trying to switch from milk to dark. I really enjoy the dagoba and have also tried green and blacks which is equally good and at the bottom of the scale we have cocoa camino. so in my quest for "auntie of the year" I have been enjoying the occasional nibble or two. okay, TWO! it is my coping mechanism! don't judge! anyway organic chocolate is not something you can just buy anywhere here. one shop that I know of in fact! help a girl out and drop me a line if you know of anywhere else other than planet organic market. I may just order cases on-line. YES, cases! it seems my family prefers the clean, healthy organic way of eating chocolate as well.

in reference to my whine of previous here is what occurred after I hit the publish post button. it seems that I may have caught a bug or as I like to call it "I ate crap and now I feel like crap" bug. there is no vaccine for it. I checked. so last night in my moment of utter laziness I ordered pizza for us. it seems that pizza in the north end is not as good as pizza in the south end. even though it is the same pizza place. It started last night with several trips to the toilet to say "hello" and I don't mean "hello" as in "I wanna get to know ya better". It was "hello" as in "WTF are you so far away from ME? anyway I just wanted to let you know that I had the most lovely morning with the girls. everyone was smiling and everyone was out the door in time. no late slip this morning! yay! afternoon pick-up was smooth and with the exception of having the time mixed up, gymnastics too went off without a hitch. dinner was made and everyone ate and was smiling. bedtime, no problem. a PERFECT day I say! and "publish"

ooohhh and here is what I have been doing in my "spare" time. another coping mechanism....

more to come!



Gawdess said...

I like all of them, we could go in on a bulk order from a supplier if you like, we need to talk...love your pictures of your art - some really neat and beautiful stuff there

Anonymous said...

I have Green & Black's delivered to my door with my organic produce delivery. They know how to keep a customer.