some days you go commando

yesterday was a shopping bust.  my day started out with meeting dad at the bank to get some more things straightened out for mom's estate.  that took WAY longer than it should have.  apparently having the same last name as my father is not proof enough that we are related.  "and he's your father?"  oh please!  fumes from those new twenties getting to ya?

then it was on to the mall.  I am not a shopper.  there I admit it.  I am not a browser.  oh, let's go shopping.  doesn't work for me.  I have a purpose and I know where I am headed.  when I veer off I rarely succeed.

so on my list was underwear, tea and face stuff.  I decided to start with the underwear.  I knew that I could find it either at sears or the bay.  sears did not have it so I headed towards the bay.  surprise, surprise it was nowhere to be found.  WTF?  why would you stop making my underwear?  I could care less if you want to "new and improve" my dish soap but leave my underwear alone!  meltdown moment.

I decided to just give up and get the face stuff done.  of course on the way I veered.  I popped into eddie bauer.  they had these very nice looking dresses.  simple enough and apparently made to keep you cool.  alright, worth a try.  ya, NO!  the waistband was right under the boobs and not flattering for my body type.  meltdown moment.  then the voices started chattering in my head.  "why can't it be easy?"  "cause you veered!"  "it was simple black dress!"  "you never shop at eddie bauer!"  blah, blah, blah!

I decided to leave the voices behind and carry on.  face stuff was pretty simple.  I knew what I was after.  I got the spiel and left with two soap samples - avocado and orange juice.  they smelled SO good!

then I veered again.  geez!  enter the fossil store.  oh my!  I used to be a faithful fossil shopper.  every season I would purchase a new bag. use it for awhile and then pop it up on kijiji.  I picked up this beautiful case and could not put it down.  I held close and although I knew it was not a need and certainly not on my list!  total loss of focus here!  I said screw it and bought it anyway and did not feel one bit of guilt or shame for my purchase.  I know that I will use it and it will come in super handy for housing my ipad mini, journal and pens.  perfect!

tea, right, TEA!  my name is nadia and I am addicted to davids tea.  more so than usual since my treatments call for no coffee, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate or mint.  somewhere down the line someone experienced minimal improvement by keeping these things in their regime and so now everyone is restricted.  I picked up three lovely herbal, caffeine free, chocolate free, mint free teas and then wait, WHA - T?  stormy night?  right in front of me!  right there in a cute little sample pack.  made perfect with the addition of chocolate, coconut and black tea.   yum!  I had this tea as a latte when it first came out last year and thought it was a special edition that was gone after the holidays.  not so my friend!

oh man!  voices caught up to me again.  "do not buy the tea!"  "just have a latte and be ok, with it".  "walk away!"  "enjoy it and feel no shame!"  

and so I did.  I enjoyed every single last drop of it as I continued on through the mall.  no guilt, no shame and surprise, surprise no more veering or failed shopping experiences.  just the feeling that right here, right now it is just me and my delicious stormy night tea getting our tea on.  stormy night?  quite funny actually considering there was a fleeting moment during the day that I felt like it was stormy and then nothing but sweet bliss!


Francie said...

what? no link to the panties?

Anonymous said...

Love reading your thoughts Nadia! I smile as I are so beautiful inside and out. Glad you are a part of our lives. Don't ever lose that spark that makes you, YOU! Love you. Ciao Bella! Tammy