I have been reading the most amazing book called "reveal" by meggan watterson.  I met meggan at wanderlust last august and from the moment she stepped in front of me I felt her energy.  I felt her love. I knew that whatever doubts I had about taking a trip so soon after my mom passed away had been swept away as she started to speak.  she spoke with such passion, such conviction and so much love.  she opened my eyes and my heart to what I felt was lost inside myself.  I was fortunate enough to speak with her after and thank her for coming and sharing her story and insight.
here she speaks about her book:
I was patiently waiting for the book to hit the shelves and finally lost patience and ordered it on my ipad.  I believe in buying books in the bookstore.  there is something magical about walking into a book store and searching for that one book and when you finally find it and are holding it close to your body .  you get that little dancing feeling in your gut.  at least I do.  It is like I am carrying a gift with me up to the counter and as soon as I place it down the cashier picks it up and my hope is that they too well be curious enough to check it out.  I love to share what I am excited about and what is moving me.

so for now this book is in digital format for me and I have been highlighting passages left, right and centre.  I imagine meggan's voice speaking to me as I read through it.  when it finally hits the shelves I will purchase a hard copy.  I have hard copies of all the books that I couldn't put down and that I read over and over again, share with friends and keep close by to surround me with knowledge at my fingertips.

I wanted to leave you with one of my highlighted paragraphs that helped me tremendously this weekend.  a reminder that the work that I do brings me happiness and needs to be shared.  I will carry these words with me as I move forward to share my passion with more and more people.  enjoy!

"this is the veil that lifts:  our soul-work in the world is not ultimately about what it earns us in dollars or brand names or quantifiable things.  rather, it allows us to feel the invaluable sense of happiness and fulfillment that comes from knowing we have made our own unique contribution to the world.  we receive the most when we give the love we are here to share.  soul-work is not something we have to go out and search for;  it's getting the sacred chance to reveal exactly who we are.  love."  reveal - meggan watterson

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