it's raining outside as I write this. real rain. like april showers rain except that it's january and there is snow on the ground not green grass.

sometimes we say when it rains, it pours or when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. or in my case when three tulip petals fall off in front of you while eating breakfast you make ART.

it all began with this:
and ended up looking like this.

I really tried to challenge myself (as if I have nothing better to do) as far as mediums. I dug out the walnut ink and stained the wood. I kept adding layers till I liked the effect. I sketched in the tulip petal shape and began layering color with acrylic paint, pencil crayons and outlined with a fine tip black pen. I wanted the petals to pop and so I added some dimensional medium.

for some reason I always feel the need to add words to my pieces and this time I chose "life". cause sometimes life throws you things that you need. you learn, you grow and you evolve. I loved the challenge of keeping it to a few products and seeing what developed. it is fun to experiment with what you have and it all started with tulip petals falling in front of me. hmmm...