building blocks...

new home in progress
remember building blocks from when you were a kid? okay, I actually remember lego. I loved lego. build stuff, take it apart and make something new. lego is impossible to break. I still have my original lego collection. colors are still bright and I can still make a beautiful house out of my bricks, doors and windows.

ever since I was introduced to david whyte and the house of belonging I have been building my own house of belonging.

"dream home" journal page
I've been working on moving out of our house and finding a new home. we found one and we waited and waited till it happened. and now we are a few short months away from a move.

clearing out the old crap has never been difficult for me. things are just that - things. we all have crap we get rid of and are glad to see it go. then there are the treasures. the lego, the walls, the itty bittys. it took years to make this house a home. we love it here. we love everything about our home, our neighborhood and our favorite haunts.

two steps forward and one step back. we talk about new furniture and decorating and then we sigh at the memory wall. all the bumps and scratches from people moving in and out of the basement. so many good memories happened within these walls. bad times too. some really bad times.

I guess we are all moving in one way or another. be it moving locations, moving forward, moving ideas around. life is a building block. we build it up. admire and take pride in our work and sometimes it all falls apart. I guess the biggest thing I learned in 2010 was that it is all a part of building our house of belonging. not just in the actual build a house example, but building a life. a life that is ours. that is us.

artwork by linda woods
our new home will be an adventure. it may feel like we are on vacation for awhile and it may take years to bring it all together so that it truly is us. but it will be...

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Madonnart said...

Moves like this are fun. Stop and take a moment to say goodbye before you leave this house and a big welcome home as you settle in your new home. Been there and enjoyed the moments making new memories.