could it be?

as I looked out my window this morning I noticed a yellow clothed figure on the roof a few doors down. santa? no, he wears red. cupid? no he wears nothing. easter bunny? no, fluffy white ears and tail. then smack it hits me. just another dumb ass who thought it would be a good idea to get up on his roof using his rickety old ladder and try to remove the ice and snow himself. hey dumb ass! not everyone has a law degree. some people actually make a living removing snow from roofs. you should pay THEM to do it.

and then there is the dogs. the little one "joey" thought it would be a good idea to walk across the tundra and get up as high as he could to see if it was santa. the slats are actually part of our fence and yes we have that much snow!

and the other dog "sparky" who I watched tumble down the stairs with I guess aspirations of becoming a gymnast and then slide down the sidewalk to the detached garage door. oh c'mon you would've giggled too! but then he is digging away at the snow bank probably looking for dry land I assumed. well after awhile I decide to brave the icy walk to see what he has found that is so interesting. okay, so another dumb ass left a jar of bird seed outside and it was buried in the snow, but sparky the bloodhound that he is found IT! and then proceeded to inhale as much of it as he could in the time that I was out of sight.

now I somehow hurt my back. be it from shoveling, pushing people out of the snow or running around keeping the house tidy. so I say to sparky "now I love ya, but if you die on my watch your body will remain where it lies until someone can come and pick you up."

house tidy? yes, it is official we are on the market and headed for condo living. in the process of showing the home to potential buyers we have been out looking for appliances. now I am in love with my stove, but have been convinced that all new appliances is the way to go. I just need it to boil, bake and fry. that's it! I do not need it to boil in 90 seconds. I do not need it to free the little cleaners for self cleaning. I do not need a warming drawer. very hard to find a basic stove. so I find one that I am happy with and the damn thing has buttons on it that say "crispy pizza" and "chicken nuggets". WTF?

I can not live my life cooking and looking at buttons that say crispy pizza and chicken nuggets. I say to the salesman "how do you know what size my nuggets are" which ends in roaring laughter. but seriously? so I upgrade to the next one and end up another $300.00 into shiny NEW appliance heaven.

crazy busy around here as both men have abandoned me for warmer climates. doing poop patrol which is so fun! apparently bird seed for dogs is equal to corn for humans. and did I mention that once bird seed is spilled, eaten, pooped and come back to life that it travels? oh yes! it travels into the house. on my boots! fucking bird seed poop boots!

I am one click away from booking my flight. united says I have to use my air miles before the end of march and I hate to disappoint people! seeing as that is probably not going to happen I will just drown myself in percocet.

I did manage to steal away some time in the studio though and completed the challenge for our guild meeting next week. here is a peek:
then for some bizarre reason I started making valentine's. like I am in grade frickin' two or something. anyway, I would cut out a heart and then before throwing away the other part I would stick it on the next one and so on till I used up a whole bunch of little bits. weird! but good therapy!

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Kerri said...

i made valentine's this year too! it was a snow day, and i was feeling crafty. i've gotten so many phone calls from the people that received them so i am so glad i did it. and it was fun! :) yours look so cute!