a little sad and a whole lot happy...

let's just get the sad right out of the way, k?

my coffee maker (yes the one that required giving up my first born) is leaking. after digging through files, papers and countless phone calls here, there and everywhere I finally have an answer. "espresso baby" needs to go in for a tune up. :(

and the whole lot of happy?

I had a dream last night that jon and I were caught by TMZ! we were kissing and a hugging and all of the sudden - CAMERAS everywhere! I said no comment and we walked into the house hand in hand. july baby, july. patience.

and so I was up this morning at dawn's crack (as ireland would say) and determined to beat the crap out of some gremlins. now I am no million dollar baby...

I am more of a "one dollar baby", but my knuckles are throbbing, my nails are ripped to shreds and I think I successfully defeated a few more gremlins today.

when I was a kid I had one of those blow up clown punching thingies. you probably had one too. you punched it and it came back and it never fell over. I used to spend hours punching that thing. all alone just getting out my frustrations. I punched for the kid who said I was so short I needed a ladder to get up the curb. I punched for the teacher who laughed along with the class when I fell in a puddle of black paint. I punched for the boy who tripped me in the gym. I just punched till I was exhausted. it felt good. it was a release.

about a year ago I signed up for a boxing class. the thing was that we spent more time jumping rope and doing spider crawls than boxing so it didn't last. now I have a place where I can go and I never know what is coming, but for the last two days she has had me boxing. boxing and gassers and stair repeats, but LOTS of boxing. lots of beating the crap out of my gremlins. those little guys in my head that say I can't do it, I don't deserve it and I should just quit. I am determined to shred them to bits!

so after my awesome boxing hour I came home and proceeded to bake. yup, bake!

I started with pumpkin chocolate chip macadamia muffins for me:

and then I made double chocolate walnut cookies for my love:
and mint chocolate chip cookies for my papa:

got the laundry done, made a few phone calls, vacuumed, took out the trash and had to deal with these two:

joey was barking because sparky had his ball. what really happened? joey was prancing around tossing his ball in the air and it ended up by sparky who was lounging in the middle of the floor. seriously joey!

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